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Một trang instagram không biết nói gì hơn ngoài mẹo và thủ thuật giúp bạn có thể thực hiện nhiều hiệu ứng video rất sáng tạo mà vô cùng đơn giản chỉ với các thiết bị vật dụng dễ tìm cùng chiếc điện thoại hay camera hành trình.

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Follow @karenxcheng for more video ideas Here’s how to do it on your next Zoom call: 1. Take a picture of your room with your webcam (without you in it) 2. Use @zoom virtual background and set the virtual background to the picture of your room. Make sure you keep your computer webcam in the exact same position. 3. Toggle on the “I have a green screen” and then set it to the color of your blanket. A green blanket works best, but any distinct bright color blanket should work. 4. Disappear yourself! Note: depending on the lighting, you might notice some artifacts along the very edges of your blanket. This is hard to avoid in a live Zoom meeting call, as it’s a limitation of the live green screen feature. In this video example, I made the edges disappear at the very end by editing and merging it with the virtual background image using Premiere #harrypotter #invisibilitycloak #zoomhacks #filmmaking #cameratrick #zoom

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